As with most start-up business ideas, the Gründerszene Dinner series developed from a personal experience of the founders Constantin Bisanz (Briends4Friends) Lukasz Gadowski and Kolja Hebenstreit (Team Europe). Having travelled the world and attended dozens of start-up events, they found a lack of exclusive networking opportunities in that space – not only in their hometown Berlin but on a global scale. Hence the idea of an exclusive networking event series for a selected group of top entrepreneurs, founders and investors was born.

The first Gründerszene Dinner, formerly CEO Dinner, took place in September 2011 in Berlin and was a huge success with Germany´s best entrepreneurs as well as with top international founders and investors.

Following the warm welcome of the start-up community and explicit requests for more Gründerszene Dinners in relevant start-up hubs around the world, New York City and San Francisco were the next destinations for the event series in spring 2012 – again with a compelling success.

The Gründerszene Dinners offer a much appreciated networking opportunity to high-flying entrepreneurs from all continents.